Emmanuel Congregational Church

Committees and Boards

Emmanuel is built on a collaborative model. The four main standing committees – Trustees, Deacons, Finance, and Christian Education – trust each other to faithfully carry on the work of their area, and each committee is expected to collaborate with the pastors and other committees on larger issues. There is no overarching council overseeing the committees; the committee structure is kept as lean as possible. .

On the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m., we have a Universal Board Night when a number of the primary committees meet together. For the first 30 minutes, everyone meets together with the pastors to engage in leadership training, spiritual exploration, and envisioning. Then, the committees break out into their own individual rooms to discuss the business of their committee.

The biggest decisions of the congregation are determined by a vote of the entire congregation. Smaller committees such as the Music Committee, Investment Committee, and Global Mission Team meet on an as needed basis.


Members of the Deacons/Mission Committee oversee the worship life, spiritual life, and missions budget of the church. The Deacons are responsible to:

  • Set up all Sunday services and special services, provide ushers and greeters, oversee communion, including homebound communion.
  • Oversee the Missions Budget and all special offerings, keeping the congregation informed about our church’s mission program.
  • Serve as a trusted “Pastor-Parish” Committee which discusses monthly with the pastors any sensitive pastoral concerns arising in the church.

Deacon Chairperson

Linda Cole


Members of the Board of Trustees are stewards and caretakers of the physical resources of Emmanuel Congregation, including care for the building, monthly financial review, and overseeing church staff, to assure that it adequately supports the mission of the church. The Trustees are responsible to:

  • Maintain the church building, property , and grounds, overseeing needed repairs, improvements, and emergencies as they arise. .
  • Oversee use of the building by outside groups
  • Implement and regularly review the budget approved by the congregation, keeping the congregation informed about the financial status of the church.
  • Serve as the “personnel committee” to most of the staff.

Trustee Co-Chair
Dian Hongo

Trustee Co-Chair
David Neuroth


The members of the Finance Committee establish the future budgets of the church and raise the monies through an annual Stewardship Campaign needed to fulfill those budgets. Finance Committee members are responsible to:

  • Prayerfully consider the financial needs of a growing, vital church community.
  • Establish next year’s budget, gathering suggestions and input from all church committees about the financial needs of all the ministries of the church.
  • Plan each year’s fall Stewardship Campaign and congregational pledging
  • Offer financial education and inspiration throughout the year.

Finance Chairperson

Dianne Ward


This committee combines the talents of teachers, administrators, organizers, and parents who have an interest in the spiritual education of our children and youth - our future church. Christian Education Committee members are responsible to:

  • Oversee the policies, operation, and development of the Sunday School program, including the selection of a curriculum that is in keeping with the theology and spirit of Emmanuel
  • Oversee the policies and operation of the Church Nursery, Children’s Church Program, and Youth Group program
  • Promote information about the educational programs of the church

Sunday School Superintendents

Jennifer and Richard Vanepps