Emmanuel Congregational Church

The Emmanuel Dream

To Be the Progressive Voice of Christ
We dream of being the progressive voice of Christ. Jesus was progressive in his time and he still is in our time. Jesus broke down the narrow-minded traditions and walls that separated people from each other. His love for others was shocking - he loved even his enemies. He valued the gifts of every person. He found God in those considered socially insignificant or objectionable. Jesus cared for the poor. Jesus was profoundly understanding of those who attacked him. Jesus taught us that God’s grace and love are far beyond our understanding, and that we need to be instruments of that infinite grace and love. 



To Create Deep, Inclusive, Christlike Community: We dream of creating deep Christlike community that welcomes, includes, and loves everyone without exception. We are an Open and Affirming (ONA) church that celebrates diversity and seeks to treat every person as a brother or sister, regardless of race, culture, social class, marital status, physical or mental disability, political persuasion, theological position, gender identity, or sexual orientation. We strive to create “safe space” for everyone to think out loud, be themselves, “find their voice,” share their souls, and become who God built them to be. We listen deeply to each other and hear God’s voice speaking to us through the stories of every person in the community, regardless of who they are. 

To Go on a Journey of Discovery and Transformation: We hear Christ calling us, through his open-ended parables and stories, to think for ourselves and not let others do our thinking for us. We hear Christ calling us to live our own spiritual journey, be authentic, face the truth, become spiritually awake, to grow and be transformed. There is no end to our learning and growing with Christ. We don’t do this alone, but in community. We humbly learn from the scriptures, from each other, from our questions, and from our ancient sacred tradition. We encourage each person to go as deeply into their relationship with God as possible through prayer, worship, Bible study, meditation, and hands-on mission. 

To Unleash the Gifts and Ministries of Every Person: We recognize that Christ saw every person as a cherished child of God possessing God-given gifts to be used in ministry, each in his or her own way. We believe in the treasure in each other. We seek to help each person unleash his or her unique ways of ministering to our broken world. We see each other as ministers in our daily life and work, and together we make up a “community of ministers.” 

To Engage in Hands On Mission: We hear Christ calling us to be the hands and feet of Christ, concretely bringing God’s compassion and good news to our neighbors and world. We spur each other on to discover and act on the “fire in our bones,” which prompts us to love and serve God, build God’s new earth, and make a positive difference with the time and gifts we have. 

Help us make the Emmanuel Dream come true. Keep us in your prayers, join us for worship on Sunday mornings if you are able, and if you feel inspired by the same things that inspire us, support the Dream with a financial gift. Thank you! 

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