Emmanuel Congregational Church

Special Services

Emmanuel offers a number of special services throughout the year that involve sacred rituals and times of sharing. Each one is unique and our members look forward to the richness of each one.

Our informal Ash Wednesday Service is a meditative way to begin the season of Lent. Participants reflect quietly on the teachings of Jesus, they share thoughts about their own faith journey, anoint their own foreheads with ash, serve each other communion, and consider a next step they would like to take in their spiritual growth.

Our Maundy Thursday Service includes meditative choral music, a foot-washing service (for volunteers), the sacrament of communion, the extinguishing of candles as Jesus’ passion is remembered (Tenebrae), and the carrying of a life-size cross to the altar.

On Mother’s Day Sunday (early May) church members come forward to pick up a long stem carnation in honor of their mother and often share aloud something they have loved about their moms. On Father’s Day Sunday (mid-June), people are asked to bring objects that remind them of their fathers, and they have the opportunity to lay the objects on the altar and say a few words about their dads.

In early December, on World AIDS Day, we always have an evening ecumenical AIDS Service of Remembrance where loved ones who have died are remembered with the pinning of red ribbons. On Christmas Eve, we have, of course, a candlelight service full of beautiful music and Christmas carols. On the last Sunday of each year at the Year-End Service of Remembrance, worshippers come forward to light a candle and verbally give thanks to God for someway they have felt blessed by the year now going by.