Emmanuel Congregational Church

Sunday Morning Classes

Emmanuel Church places a high value on small groups and classes where people can have thoughtful conversation, share their journeys and questions with each other, come to understand each other, bear each others burdens, spur each other on, build loving relationships, and deepen their relationship with God. We seek to create groups at Emmanuel that are open-ended, welcoming, emotionally safe, conversational, and encourage the participation of every person.

It is interesting to note that the first 300 years of the early Christian church there were no large buildings. The Church experienced phenomenal spiritual and numerical growth through small groups! And it all started with Jesus’ first small group that he founded with his disciples.



Emmanuel Church offers small groups on Sunday mornings and during the week. Sunday morning groups are listed below. To see weekday small groups, click here.

Attend any group or class that appeals to you!  Childcare is often provided.

Every Sunday morning, 9:30-10:30 a.m. in Anderson Hall, our Sunday morning Bible Study group explores and discusses the scriptures that will be used in the worship service an hour later. Led by Rev. Patty, everyone is encouraged to explore and think out loud about the text, its possible meanings, and how it might apply to one’s daily life. Knowledge of the Bible is not necessary. Participants are always oriented to the text and offered insights into the historical context of the passage.

This is a conversational-style Bible study; so everyone’s comments are valued. There is usually a time toward the end of the hour when the large group breaks into small groups to encourage more interactive discussion. After participating in this Bible study, you will find your worship experience in the next hour taking on deeper meaning, because worship is based on the text you have just been discussing! Speak with Rev. Patty Farr (782-2650).

Twice a year, Emmanuel offers a short 4-week class on Sunday mornings (9:30-10:30 a.m.) in the Fellowship Room specifically for newcomers. If you are new to Emmanuel, this class is a fantastic opportunity to get to know other newcomers, learn about the priorities and dreams of Emmanuel, be introduced to Emmanuel’s groups and mission activities that might interest you, and you’ll get to know some of the leaders of the church. Led by Rev. Ron and other leaders, participants do interactive Bible studies, spiritual sharing, and some gift discernment work. It’s a great class and lots of fun! Speak with Rev. Ron Farr (782-2650).

It is important to apply our to the important social issues of our day. Rev. Ron periodically leads discussion in the Fellowship Room on Sunday mornings (9:30-10:30 a.m.) on such things as environmental concerns, new legislation, health care reform, education, even local business development issues. Group discussion often begins from a short photocopied article from the newspaper. After articulating all the different positions people have around a certain issue, group members contemplate what they think Jesus would say or recommend. Conversation is balanced, respectful of all viewpoints, and rooted in a desire to know the deeper mind of God. See the Sunday bulletin announcement page or the newsletter for upcoming sessions, or speak with Rev. Ron Farr (782-2650).