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Emmanuel Congregational Church - Positive, Inclusive, Innovative
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  • The Life We Have Together

    The Life We Have Together


Members, friends, and visitors share their thoughts about what Emmanuel means to them, what they love about Emmanuel, what inspires them in worship, how the church has helped them and their families to grow spiritually.

  • I love how, after every Sunday worship service at Emmanuel – no matter what, I leave feeling positive and happy!  I love our pastors, Ron and Patty, and how personal they are.  I love the people of the congregation, how friendly and upbeat they are, and how accepting they are of everyone who attends.  I love the scripture readings, and the beautiful photography on the large projection screens!

  • I love that everyone is welcome at Emmanuel no matter where they might be on their life journey. We can all come together to praise God and pray without judgement for coming as we are; whether it be that you're gay, transgender, currently drug addicted or newly sober, suffering from a mental disorder, or having beliefs that other church communities look down on. At Emmanuel I am reminded that I am a child of God, my life has value and I am here to bring something that is uniquely special to me into this world. When I first came to this church I was not a religious person. I didn't know that I had a Lord that watched over me, guided me, and LOVED me! I didn't understand things like praying for other people, tithing, or the miracle of having a relationship with Jesus. During my first few months at Emmanuel, my Sundays were very emotional with many, many tears shed. Tears of discovery, tears of hope, tears of happiness. I found that I could have forgiveness for those who had hurt me so deeply throughout my life and in that I found freedom in my soul. I learned that I am not alone. I learned that it is okay to be me and that my past does not dictate who I am today. The way I live my life today, the good choices that I make, the kindness in my heart is; that is me. I have that because of Emmanuel and the ability to build my relationship with Jesus there. I know Jesus hears my prayers, and I know Jesus has great things in store for me! I know that I'll always have Him by my side showing me the way. My idea of church was forever changed. No one forces a belief on you, no black and white right and wrong. You aren't encouraged to hide who you are. I look around at Emmanuel and see so much love and acceptance with such diversity. I have a relationship with Jesus because of Emmanuel and I love that!

  • I love how Emmanuel is blessed with amazing people who are open, accepting, and desirous of being part of this supportive spiritual community.  I love that Emmanuel has pastors who provide leadership to help us grow spiritually in our relationship with God.  And I love how Emmanuel is such a welcoming and supportive environment for us to explore our relationship with Christ.  

  • Emmanuel Church is my “home away from home.”  When I first got here, I could feel the spirit of welcome.  The people were just so warm and friendly.  I love the worship service, because you can feel the spirit of God.  I love the fact that these amazing people of church are willing to help you in any way that you need.  It’s a beautiful church filled with many loving and unique individuals.  Coming here has truly taught me to “love your neighbor as yourself” just as Jesus taught.  I understand now what it really means to be a follower of Christ.  

  • What keeps me coming back to Emmanuel is the love and the atmosphere of “openness to all” that you feel as soon as you walk through any church door.  The smiles on every person’s face as they enter, and the generosity of spirit that is exhibited, is heart-warming and enveloping.   Each member, newcomer, and stranger is what makes ECC a church where God’s presence is felt.  

    I love Emmanuel Church for being a place where I have the pleasure of communing with other folks, young and elderly, and where I find diversity honored and creativity supported.

  • I love the feeling of "being home" when I enter the doors of Emmanuel.  I love that our church offers a place of refuge for our CREDO ladies and that they add so much to our worship.  I am touched by how comfortable our special needs group has become, and that they are part of our church family as well. 

  • I have attended Emmanuel all my life - it is a part of my history.  But what I love most about Emmanuel is the new church that it is becoming.  It is definitely a church for our times...the Praise Band rocks the spirit!  There is energy and enthusiasm and talent galore, which is so generously shared.  And the very best part of all is the welcoming atmosphere to ALL people.   You are free and encouraged to be yourself when you enter the doors of Emmanuel.  What more could magnify the teachings of Jesus?

  • I love how Emmanuel welcomes all people, without judgment.  Everyone here is encouraged to love, worship and know Jesus, and be fed spiritually.   We have a wonderfully diverse congregation which is rich with spiritual energy and love for God.

  • What I love about Emmanuel is how welcome you are made to feel, no matter if you miss church for weeks at a time from work or the trials of life itself.  I always come back to open arms and a happy state.  The church makes a difference in my life by teaching me the word of God and helps me have a better understanding of things that I question.   Thank you for the love and support!